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Hydroponics Blog: May 2018


We are the Hydroponics Team at the Brunts Academy who are attempting to grow the hottest chili in the world!

The project kick started back in March 2018, when one of the Science Teachers, Miss Dickinson decided to bring together a large group of year 8 to 12 students to show off their talent and knowledge about plants. Two industry visitors; Callie and Ben visit our school weekly to inform us on our next steps or just to check up on the seedlings.

On the first week, our teacher organised us out into small groups depending on our prior knowledge and the extremeness of what we have grown in the past. To gradually start things off, we’ve been growing Basil plants in small tents, one is heated and one is not, this is to investigate which environment provides the best cloned plant and then to later find out why.

Every member of the Hydroponics team has a passion to do with plants whether that be growing Bonsai Trees or even just a few basic seeds; we are all here to learn more! Once the group has absorbed enough information about the chilies, a few students will be selected to go to a university in Sheffield where the chili will be tested in the Scoville scale for hotness and finally see if our school beat the world record!!


Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0