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Message from the History Department – Snow Work

Year 11

Please could Year 11 GCSE History students look at the following planning tools for 16 mark questions.  Any students in Mrs Power’s groups (11B2 & 11C1) will already have these in their revision folders from our Thursday lessons.  Use your exercise books and any revision guides in order to plan out the sides of the argument and write a conclusion for each question example.  There are also some revision clocks attached (again Mrs Power’s groups you have these) for students to work through 5 minutes only per section then move on.  Mr Gilmore’s groups have also been sent an addition resource, please look at this first and then move onto the revision activities as extra if you wish.

16 marker practice

 Years 9 and 10

Year 9 & 10 GCSE groups (all teachers) please refer to the Revision clock documents, working through at least one of the Elizabethan England Revision clocks for your next History lesson as a number of groups have missed their double lesson this week.

Elizabeth clock revision sheet

Revision Clock crime

Threats to Weimar clock revision sheet


What will I learn?

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What will I learn in KS4?

What will I learn in KS5?

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