Curriculum - The Brunts Academy


Curriculum Statement of Intent

Our curriculum compromises the totality of the experiences, both the taught and the untaught that the child will engage with here whilst at The Brunts Academy.  It is designed to be flexible and adaptable in order that we, as an academy can plan more effectively the learning journey of our students.

Throughout the curriculum we will develop within our students the intellectual habits, fundamental core values and qualities of character to succeed in the 21st century whilst developing their cultural capital.

Our curriculum is designed around the following principles:

·         To provide students with challenging, engaging and enriching experiences that enable individual needs to be met, progress to excel and gaps to be closed.

·         To stretch and broaden student minds with a wealth of powerful knowledge that can be applied throughout life.

·         To ensure students are conceptually developed using cultural experiences outside of the norm.

·         To use spiralled learning experiences that build changes to the long term memory.

·         To underpin all learning through strong and challenging vocabulary.

·         To develop confident speakers and able readers.

·         To develop well-informed decision makers and effective problem solvers of the future who are masters of their own destiny.

·         To provide a basic entitlement for all that allows personal growth and development.

We have designed a curriculum that is not artificially narrowed to focus on school performance measures, but that places the development of the child at the centre of its core purpose.


GCSE Courses

A Level

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