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Students get peer mentoring training!

42 Year 8 students, identified by our peers as potential student leaders, accepted the invitation to be part of a peer mentoring project relating to smoking prevention. We attended a two-day training session, led by youth workers, during which we were given a great deal of background information about smoking, whilst, at the same time, taking part in activities to build our leadership skills and self-confidence. We have follow-up sessions in school to check how we are able to share information with our peers.

 What some of the students thought:

 ‘I enjoyed it very much.’

‘I feel that my leadership skills have improved dramatically.’

‘The two days were very interactive.’

‘Throughout the course we learned several facts.’

‘The leaders helped us learn in an interesting and exciting way.’

‘I really enjoyed the course.’

‘I felt welcomed and was given an equal chance to contribute.’

‘Everybody was included in all the activities.’

‘This was really fun.’

‘We have learned a lot of important facts about smoking.’

‘It was a good experience which has benefited me.’

‘a really fun and enjoyable experience’

‘extremely informative’

‘The mentors were very friendly and organised’

‘I have really enjoyed learning.’

‘I really enjoyed the two days.’

‘The ASSIST programme is a brilliant thing for young students to participate in. I feel more confident and aware of the outside world.’

‘My leadership skills have improved immensely and my confidence has grown also.’

‘All the mentors were very kind and informative.’

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