Scholastic Excellence Leaders - The Brunts Academy

Scholastic Excellence Leaders

Mr Charity

Year 7

Miss Nuttall

Year 8

Mr Paling

Year 9

Mr Heartfield

Year 10

Mr Caunt

Year 11

What will they do ?

    • To raise standards of scholastic excellence for specified year group through promoting high expectations of presentation, behaviour and attendance across curriculum areas in line with academy policies.
    • Foster guidance, discipline and welfare of students in the year group in line with academy policies supporting where necessary colleagues, particularly subject leaders, to maintain high standards across the school and with stakeholders.
    • Provide leadership and direction to a team of tutors and Pastoral Manager to promote good attendance, positive behaviours and address pastoral barriers to learning to secure outcomes for the allocated year group.
    • To ensure provision of an appropriately balanced, relevant and differentiated tutorial programme for the year group in accordance with academy policies.
    • To lead on a specific area across the whole Academy.

Scholastic Excellence is very important to us here at Brunts and is absolutely essential to ensuring that you are successful during your time here. Scholastic excellence means:

“ Every student and member of staff setting the very highest personal and educational standards in everything that we do”

This can be represented by our 5 core values:
Ambition : A desire to achieve
Integrity : Being honest with strong principles
Inclusivity : Embracing differences
Endeavour : Working hard to achieve
Resilience : Recovering quickly from setbacks

There are many ways that you can demonstrate scholastic excellence during your time at Brunts. Take a look below and try to ensure that you live up to our high expectations whenever you can.

Scholastic Excellence Image

Our Expectations

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should not be used whilst on the school site and must be switched off or kept on silent.

Students who are found to be using their phones whilst on the school site will have them confiscated and parents will be asked to collect the phone from the academy at the end of the school day. Repeat offenders are at risk of having their phones banned from the school premises.

We welcome the use of mobile phones supporting your child’s safety to and from school.

Personal Space Policy

At The Brunts Academy, we expect students to keep their hands and feet to themselves and to be mindful and respectful of personal space.

Pastoral Managers

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