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What kinds of special educational needs does the school/setting make provision for?

The Brunts Academy is committed to providing an appropriate and high quality education to all students. We believe that all students, including those identified as having special educational needs, are entitled to good quality learning and teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum which is accessible to them. The Brunts Academy is fully committed to inclusion. We constantly seek to improve and develop cultures, policies and practices that include all learners and we aim to foster a sense of community and belonging to all.

How does the school know if pupils need extra help and what should I do if I think that my child may have special educational needs?

When a parent/carer is concerned that their child may have a special educational need, this should be discussed initially with their Year Progress Leader at a pre-arranged meeting and the SENCO will be informed and become involved as necessary. We acknowledge that all students are individuals and have different learning needs, some requiring additional support to help meet their needs or improve their learning. Our SENCO co-ordinates SEN provision, liaising with parents and carers, students, school staff and specialist advisers from the Local Authority, health services and other external agencies. When identifying students with SEN, we follow the clear guidelines set out in the SEN Code of Practice 2014. We continually monitor and assess the progress of all our students and where expected progress is not being made, interventions are put in place to work on the identified difficulties and a graduated approach is followed, as detailed in our SEN policy.


How will both the school and I know how my child is doing and how will the school help me to support their learning?

We encourage parents and carers to discuss any concerns they have as and when they occur, in person with their child’s tutor or Year Progress Leader. Parents and carers are also invited to contact our SENCO or Head of Academy whenever they wish by making an appointment through the Executive Assistant on 01623 623149. We closely monitor the progress of all students regularly and we also track them termly. We hold parents’ evenings to discuss how students are doing and all parents and carers will receive a written report, detailing progress within all areas of learning.
Where a student has an Education Plan (EP), Pastoral Support Plan (PSP), or Structured Conversation Targets, these will be reviewed at least termly, new targets agreed with the student, parents and carers and also the adults working with the student in school. Copies of relevant paperwork will be shared with all involved, including parents and carers.

What support will there be for my child/young person’s overall well-being?

The well-being of all our students is a priority. Where appropriate, specific plans are in place to support well-being in consultation with students and their parents and carers, usually this will be through a ‘Structured Conversation’ and targets will be agreed. We follow guidance from trained health professionals to meet additional health, medical and personal care needs of individual students and school staff are trained as appropriate to meet these needs, including our Family Support Worker who will liaise with agencies who may be able to offer support. Where a student has complex needs requiring complex arrangements, they may undergo a Statutory Assessment Process known as an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). This can be requested by school, parents and carers or other professionals. This will occur where the complexity of need or additional clarity around the needs of the student are such that a multi-agency approach to assessing that need, planning provision and identifying resources is required.

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Where can I access further information?

This information for the Local Offer has been written as required by Section 65(3)(a) of the SEN (Information) Regulations and links to the Local Authority Local Offer. Further information can be accessed by:

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