Headteacher's Update - November - The Brunts Academy

Headteacher’s Update – November

Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to share with you some key pieces of information about The Brunts Academy that you might find useful.
Results/Performance Tables 2018
The DfE Performance Tables were released at the end of September and yet again, we are pleased to say Brunts is the highest performing non selective school in the Mansfield area.  The performance of students in receipt of Pupil Premium has significantly improved and gaps between this group of students and their peers has significantly diminished compared to 2017.
Our A-Level students had a 100% pass rate which is our best ever! It was also the highest pass rate in the locality and is well above the national average.  There were further increases in students gaining higher grades which has continued to ensure that all of our students progress to their destinations of choice.
New Build
We are pleased to confirm that the £1million new block is now complete.  Students have begun attending lessons since their return from half term.  This building consists of 9 new classrooms that will be home to Humanities and Languages, replacing several of the old mobile classrooms that we currently have on site.  These are due to be removed in due course.
Scholastic Excellence
I would like to thank you for your continued support in ensuring that students attend school dressed appropriately and with the correct equipment.  Since starting back in November, we have had a concerted effort focusing on the standards of uniform and expectations across the Academy which has seen significant improvements in the way that students are presenting themselves in and around the site.  As a polite reminder, students should wear their blazers with shirts fully buttoned and tucked in, ties attached correctly at the collar, wearing appropriate school shoes and follow other guidelines in line with our uniform policy.
It is vitally important that all users of our site use appropriate language at all times.  Any form of inappropriate language used on the school site is dealt with in line with our policy.  Please could you remind your child that at all times they should speak appropriately to staff and each other.
Travel to and from school
There have been a number of concerns raised from the local community about the way students travel to and from school.  Please can I ask that you reinforce aspects of road safety with your child so that they are clear about using the pavements to walk on at all times.  They should also be clear on how to cross the road safely and if they ride a bike to school this should be done safely and appropriately.  We will be reinforcing these expectations through assemblies in the coming weeks.
If you have questions or queries relating to your child, then please use their Tutor/Teacher as the first point of contact.  If the issue can’t be dealt with by them then they will be able to sign post you to the most relevant person to deal with the request.  We will endeavour to get back to all requests for communication within 48 hours as per the Academy policy.
I understand that there have been rumours circulating on social media and in the local community that 10-15 teachers have resigned from Brunts.  I can categorically confirm that these rumours are not true.  As in previous years, some staff have chosen to further their careers elsewhere and outside of the teaching profession and we are proud that the professional learning of staff here at the Trust has allowed them to secure promoted posts.  To allay fears the vast majority of vacancies have already been filled with suitably qualified and experienced staff.  Where a small number of vacancies do exist these will be filled appropriately.  To reiterate as has always been the case when staff are absent from school for any reason, including illness, we use a variety of staff to cover these absences with appropriate work set by teachers in that area.  Please have our assurances that we will do the very best to ensure that your child receives the best possible provision at all times.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter and your continued support is very much appreciated.

Many thanks

Mr Adrian O’Malley


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